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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Kim Richard Nossal

In relation to the Hobbes extract from last week: - We can’t think of relations between sovereigns as the same as relations in the state of nature. The state of nature no longer exists – there is no longer an anarchical system in the world but sovereign states Anarchy and Global Politics - the anarchical setting of world politics o no overarching authority; no one is entitled to command on a global scale and no one is obligated to listen or obey o no leviathan, no government and hence…  no justice  no law  self help is always true  in a sovereign society, it is illegal to help yourself (vigil anteism) and take matters into your own hands. One must go through the means of the severing and their set rules to handle the situation Anarchy, Authority and Power - politics at the global level as a struggle for power: o security – needed to secure self and community against elimination, invasion a
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