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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Kim Richard Nossal

Three ways to transform membership of federation Dissolution: - Federation of the west indies (1958-1962) - United states (1777-1790) – FAILURE - Czechoslovakia (1993) The Velvet Divorce Expulsion: - Malaysia; vote to expel Singapore from Malaysia Secession- peaceful secession? YES - Norway (from Sweden 1905) - Montenegro (from state union Serbia and Montenegro, 2006) Secession that resulted in war (every other attempt) - Confederate state of America (from the us, 1861) - Biafra (from Nigeria, 1967) used famine to bend biafra’s back into federation - Bangaladesh (from Pakistan 1971) - Sloveria, Croatia (from Yugoslavia, 1991) - Chechnya (from Russia, 1991) Extraterritoriality - Imperial-era concession in china - U.S (primary practitioner) trading with enemy act - *wal-mart dilemma (PJ’s); they remained on the shelf - Canada’s bill C27 , 1997 - *piece of legislation passed by Cretien government; if you are a Canadian citizen, authority of the Canadian government extends to you all over the world, if you commit a crime in another country which would be a crime in Canada (i.e. sex with minors) you are committing an offence under the criminal code. The theory of sovereignty - Not all claims to sovereignty are respected o Extraterritoriality • Imperial-era concessions in China • US Trading with the Enemy Act • Canada’s Bill C27, 1997 The reality of sovereignty - Supreme political authority in a given territory is indeed divisible - The question is: how? Dividing sovereignty The reality of sovereignty - Supreme political authority in a given territory is indeed divisible, but how? Dividing Sovereignty Can it be divided? By Government Function: - War and defense - Foreign relations - Domestic security - Justice - Taxation - Finance - Education - Agriculture - Industry - Health - Immigration - Social welfare - Arts and culture **impossible because they all over lap i.e. if the government war wants to go to war, the war must raise revenue. But 12 other governments may wants funds as well. The overlap comes because of the competing goals in place. A series of authorities. By Territory: - Why not just divide a country up into smaller geographic units, and give each its own government? - Levels of government; - Canada - Province of Ontario - Frontenac County - City of Kingston - Do you give them supreme political authority, NO all your doing is segmenting the state The segmentation of the state - National, provincial, municipal, school board - To segment the state is not necessarily to divide supreme political authority - We want to look at those systems where the state is not usually segmented, but where supreme political authority is segmented Segmentation and Sovereignty - Systems where the state is segmented but supreme political authority is not. - Unitary systems; (i.e. UK can eliminate government of any city) - *PRC (public relations china) Chinese sovereignty is organized differently in two sovereign places - Confederal systems; where supreme political authority is held by various systems which come together to form a central government - Federations; supreme political authority divided by area and “power” - Understandin
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