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November 19, 2012- Political Parties.docx

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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Political Parties Is their decline a symptom or a cause?  There is no country in the world without a party system o Even countries like Saudi Arabia, there is a way you can collect the interest of voters The case for parties as public institutions  Receive annual allowance (based on votes) from the state o No longer receive this  Individual limits on political donations  Bans on union and corporate donations  Reimbursed for partial cost of national campaign  Expense limits placed on national campaign  Like schools, hospitals, etc. as they hold a public trust, and hold a role that is fundamental to democracy The Case for parties as private institutions  No laws about how parties are created or by whom  No laws about the selection of leader  No laws about their organization structure or membership  Receive tax credit in terms of donations o Made to support political parties  Funding comes in 3 forms: tax credits, public subsidies, and expenses encountered during election What do parties do?  Structure the vote o A political party tells you where the ideological values of the citizens lie  Integration and mobilization of voters o Encourage and provide means for voters to become involved in their democratic causes o Providing a short-hand cue for the ideological values  Recruit leaders o Provide talent pool by which the party can be assessed  Organize government o In Canada, it usually means a one party governm
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