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November 27, 2012- Liberalism.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

 Is liberalism compatible with economic freedom?  Taylor’s problems with liberalism o Too much individualism o Technology over humanity uncritical acceptance of technology o Principle of alienation isolated from society in but not within o Hypertrophy too much choice, too much of a good thing  What is to be done?  Barber the need for “strong democracy” o Civic education knowledge needed to take a position ask too little of citizenry o Collective interests need to pay attention to the whole of society o To see politics as an end in itself  What is the good life  Liberalism raises questions about… o The need for real participation  Discussion about ends as well as means o How to get an engaged citizenry? o Does pursuit of private interest= public good? o Contradiction between representation and freedom  Democracy is more than what we do during elections  Barber: Do we practise politics as “zoo keeping”? o Animals kept in a cage don’t know we are not free o Civil society as a jungle o State to keep different species apart  Consumer who is self-interested and acquisitive  Freedom to pursue the most banal ends  What do these respond to?  That liberalism does not create the right kind of community (quality) o Atomism: individual and his rights > society o Self sufficiency of the individual o Ambiguous on the role of the state o Primacy of the rights theories vs. principle of belonging or obligation  That liberalism does not crea
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