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October 3, 2012- Power, Authority and Legitimacy.docx
October 3, 2012- Power, Authority and Legitimacy.docx

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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

On what is power based?  Inauthority delegated power through knowledge  Anauthority based on specific knowledge  Consent o Explicit or implicit o Ex. Negative option marketing  Coercion o Where there is no consent o Ex. Hubson’s choice  Authority o Appeal to power and how it is delegated Descriptive characteristics of power  Size o How much power you have/ how you use it  Distribution o How is power shared o Relationship of different stakeholders to share the power  Scope o The reach of power  Domain o Areas where the state can and cannot be involved What are the different kinds of power?  Economic o Entitlement based on economic conditions o The idea that power comes from people who have money o Means of production  Personal o Is related to some characteristic of an individual, and through it they are able to control agendas o Ability to persuade  Political o Institutional power o Limits of control  The poverty line o Defined as 70% of inco
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