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October 10, 2012- When do states lose legitimacy.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

When do states lose legitimacy?  Popular uprisings  This is not a dislike for the actions of the state, this is used as a basis to question the legitimacy of the state  Goes to the heart of democracy Elite Crisis  Can be personal (particular to a person) which is not a crisis to the legitimacy of the state  Scandals do not count as crisis to the legitimacy  Canada’s Coalition Crisis of 2008 o Steven Harper was in a minority government, meaning he had to get the support of another system. o Election October 14, 2008, and that was when the Conservatives won minority government o They banned civil workers from striking, sold Crown assets, and decided that they do not need the subsidy from the government as they are very intense fundraisers o State supports parties in some way, so the NDP decided to have a vote of non-confidence in November 27, 2008, as they did not trust the government  Conservatives could either call their bluff and agree to go to the voting  Say there doesn’t need to be a vote after a non-confidence vote and wanted to talk to the NDP and establish a Coalition government, where two parties govern together o The Prime Minister called a time-out in the middle of a play (prorogation- stop the clock and restart it; all the committee
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