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October 11, 2012- Elements of Ideology.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Elements of Ideology  Systematic o Beliefs of the state, policies are consequences of ideologies  Normative and programmatic o Shows how they world show be; how we should act o Helps fill in the blanks in the view of the world o If there are too many inconsistencies, you have to question the ideology  Offers perspective o Defines our social existence; tells us who we are o Shapes our experiences Mapping Ideology Ideal Diagnosis Prescription  Diagnosis o What is the major problem that is prohibiting the ideal (reality)  Prescription o The solution to the problem; how we identify the problem Ideology Nature of society Problem Prescription Liberalism All individuals are The role of the Limited perfectible state as the state government inhibits our liberty. Conservatism Recognize that Society is too Adopt change there are inherent quickly moving; carefully; slowly inequalities there is too much To be sceptical of (pessimists) change. change for change Society is sake. comprised of people who can, and people who cannot social hierarchy Marxism It’s about the Capitalism was the Equality is needed. money, not root of all evil. If an individual individuals or it was the vehicle required more, community. by which we they should have The relationship to became alienated more; if you have the means of by our labour; less needs you production. which we were should have less. Our work is defined by. alienated fr
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