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October 18, 2012- Liberal Democracy.docx

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Political Studies
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POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

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 Our version of representative democracy is called liberal democracy Liberal Democracy: absence of the law  Liberal democracy is a product of a society that was oppressive and authoritarian  Personal freedom- silence of the law  Being able to do something because there is no law saying your cannot do it Freedom vs. Liberty  Freedom is freedom to o Positive freedom o Effective freedom of all to realize their potential  Ex. Scholarships and awards o Involvement from the law to do something  Liberty is freedom from o Negative freedom o Absence of the law- able to do things because there are no rules telling you you cannot “Freedom can mean freedom of the strong to down the weak following market rules or effective freedom of all” - C.B. MacPherson  Rights are promises of the state to allow you to do certain things  What areas should be free? o The harm principle: where your conduct does not
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