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September 12, 2012- What is Politics.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

What is Politics? “Man, by nature is a political animal” Aristotle Who is man: > Human Population, but women were excluded until 1918. What is nature: > We don’t learn politics, we don’t have to think about politics, it is infused in everything we do. What is political: > When there are elections, because we regulate parties, funds and members’ actions when there are elections. Elections are thought to be when things get political. Political is the discussion of the appropriate sphere of the state. Animal: A creature is an organic thing that grows, learns, adapts, and that thrives on interaction; wants to talk and socialize about politics. Government: The party with the most number of seats. The government is the cabinet and the leader. State: Much larger phenomenon. It encompasses the government, parliament, and the courts. Militia: Is a citizen army, originated because people were distrustful of the state army. Co
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