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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Week OneLecture 16092012 41500 PM Man by nature is a political animalAristotleWho is ManExcluded women until 1918Excluded aboriginals until 1960 o Now universal but women minorities poor still underrepresented What is NatureNature innate Nurture socializedAn automatic functionas innate as breathingPolitics so central it infuses everything we do o Not as much for our society What is PoliticalWe believe it must involve an election o We regulate budget advertising behaviour of candidates only during electionsDiscussion of the appropriate sphere of the state o should the state be involved ie education healthcaregovernmentparty with most number of seats cabnetstategovernment parliament courts o positive and negative rights gay marriage gun control etcnegative right state cant prohibit something ie right to protest What is AnimalCreature that thrives socializes adapts learns etcThrives on discussionneed politicsConcepts in politics are essentially contestedWilliam ConnellyWhat should be the role of the stateWhat is public what is privateNegative Externality something that affects others not youState should be involved ie regulate hybrid carsShould the state interveneYour answer tells us something about under what circumstances the state should regulate societyWhat assumptions do you make about civil society the power of the state and its capacity Politics the art of governmentState centred viewpolitics is what governments doWho gives powerthe powerThe personal is political feminists o Women have autonomy over their bodiespersonal o Domestic abuse is political o Relationship between men and women in society is political Politics a methodMeans of resolving scarce resources o politics is about who gets what when and whyLasswell o deciding where resources should goThe art of the possible o Based on debate and deliberation Politics as powerPolitics is the heart of all collective activity formal and informal public and private in all human groups institutions and societiesAdrian Leftwhich o If everything is political nothing is
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