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Lecture 11

POLS 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Social Conservatism, Rationality, Individualism

Political Studies
Course Code
POLS 110
Eleanor Mac Donald

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- Birthed in the 20th Century
- Opposition to Communism, Enlightenment, Rationality, Liberalism, Individualism
- Ideologically amorphous
o No set ideology
o Adapts to what people want to believe
- Extreme nationalism, authoritarian nationalism => Social Conservatism
- Territorial, Ethnic
- State in Power
o Believes that the state advances the nation
o State above all else
- Revolutionary Goals
o Action-based
o Advance and protect is the motto of the Fascists
- Birthed from the Greek word Anarchia
o Anarchia => Absence of government
- Modern anarchism stems from the enlightenment period
- Opposes authority and governing structure in all forms
- Social relationships based on threats and coercion is shunned and viewed as illegitimate
- An ideology based on abhorrence of the state
o Because of state’s illegitimate use of force
o In turn reduces the liberty of people
- Anarchist View on Human Nature:
o Inherently good
o Assumption of optimism
o Socially determined
o Morally correct
o Does what is required
- Liberal Individualist
o State’s role transferred to the free market
Market controls all things instead
o Maximizes individual choice without coercive relationships
- Socialist (Non-State socialism)
o Voluntary Cooperation
Mutual Aid
Social Equity
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