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February 11, 2013- Dividing Sovereignty.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Dividing Sovereignty  Dividing sovereignty by rule function o Can supreme authority be divided by rule function?  3 rule functions  Making the rules  Implementing the rules  Adjudicating the rules  Politics and rule functions o Who makes, implements, adjudicates the rules for policy?  Historical view: absolutism and autocracy  Evolution of separating the functions; institutionalizing them into “branches” Rule Function Political Function Branch Government Rule-Making Legislative Legislative Rule Implementation Executive Executive Rule Adjudicating (applying law) Judicial Judicial  Dividing supreme political authority among these institutions o Contrast between parliamentary (British) system and presidential (American) system Parliamentary Systems  System the result of historical evolution that stretches over a millennium o Shaped by  Foreign conquest  Struggle against absolutism  Civil war Norman Conquest: 1066  Eliminates Anglo-Saxon approach to politics  Anglo-Saxon roots of constraining power of the king o More democratic  More Athenian o Moots (meetings) of Anglo-Saxons o The writenagemot (moot of the writan, or counsellors)= 100 nobles acting as advisors of the King  Introduction of Norman feudalism o Previously only dominant on the continent o Idea that King owns everything and distributes it Struggles Against Absolutism  Magna Carta, 1215: feudal assembly o Great Charter o Limited power of the King (John)  First Parliament summoned by Edward I, 1295
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