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February 4, 2013- Assumptions of Federalism.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Assumptions of Federalism  Each level is autonomous i.e. immune from elimination o Federal government can’t eliminate the government of Ontario  Boundaries inviolable o Cannot be changed  Supreme political authority divided by both territory and function (“power”)  Necessity of base line of equality o Each province has equal share o Large segments must be able to co-exist with small segments  US Senate  No such institution in Canada  Each level must be able to act directly on the citizen o Each level must be able to tax, impose laws, etc.  Necessity of two sets of courts o One for each level of government o Need a court to settle disputes between levels of government  Necessity of a procedure for amending the constitution o Context and circumstances change o Constitution needs to be difficult to amend  Citizens must be allowed to express loyalty to more than one level of government  Secession to be made difficult in theory, impossib
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