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February 14, 2013- Continued Politics.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

 Bill of Rights 1689 o Limits monarchy o Accepted by William o Parliament can speak freely  English/British parliamentary system o Origins of the structure of parliamentary government o Privy Council (The Crown’s private council)  Until 1688 not intimately linked to the legislature  After 1688, had to have the confidence of parliament o Emergence of the practice of choosing advisors from parliament o Emergence of cabinet government that FUSES supreme political authority linking executive and legislature o Crown-in-Parliament  The executive o The Crown  Executive authority lies with the Crown  All acts of the state taken in the Crown’s name  Criminal prosecution taken in the Crown’s name (R vs. Smith)  Crown owns land, corporations, intellectual property (an inheritance from feudal times)  Government employees serve the Crown  Crown exercises “Royal Prerogative” (historic powers not eliminated by statute or limited by constitutional provisions)
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