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April 1, 2013- Politics Among Sovereigns.docx

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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Politics Among Sovereigns: Governance without Government Hobbes on Interstate Relations  It is not Hobbesian because when you have individuals who are free you are going to get a state of war; seen in nature  Between sovereigns you’re going to get a posture of war but you’re not going to get the misery of a state of nature because each political community has a sovereign who is responsible for making the rules, so in short life within a political community there is no state of nature present Anarchy and Global Politics  The anarchical setting of world politics o No overarching authority: no one entitled to command, no one obligated to obey  There is the division of all the world’s territory and people into political communities, there is no world leader o No Leviathan, no government, and hence…  No justice  No law  International law is nothing more than an agree
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