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January 10, 2013- Thinking about Politics.docx

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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Thinking about Politics  The monadic definition o Focusing on one primary element as the most important for understanding a phenomenon Politics as a Totalized Activity  It is everything where  Politics is what keeps the world moving  Everything is political  The personal is political  There is something problematic about this idea o If politics is everything, what are we going to study Politics is about…  Government  Law  Power and its exercise, control  The pursuit of the good (or the good life)  The distribution of good things o Laswell’s “Who gets what, when and how” (and why)  The maintenance of order  A social process  Ideas and issues  The resolution of conflict between people Unmentioned Possibilities  Politics is about why some people hate others enough to derive pleasure from humiliating them  Politics is about the willingness o
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