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January 24, 2013- Sovereignty.docx

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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

 The state is able to perform the universal functions of the state by power (or influence) alone o Authority is crucial  Cheap (if people follow the given orders, its free. The use of force is costly) o The use of force creates enemies  Fundamentally unpredictable  Importance of supreme political authority: who is entitled to command, and who is entitled to obey? o In antiquity, focus of supreme political authority located in particular institution/individual: like the Pope for example o However, the idea of supreme political authority is not well articulated  Supreme political authority as an articulated idea  Emergence of ideology of supreme political authority o The idea of sovereignty Sovereignty  Ability to do what the state wants within its borders  No higher authority  Sovereignty is not: o The ability to make decisions indigenously (rather than to be ruled by others= independence) o The ability to make decisions as one pleases= autonomy  All political communities strive for independence and autonomy The Puzzle  Many political communities are autonomous and independent but not sovereign o Carthage o Rome o Athens o Frankish Empire The Solution  Looking at sovereignty as an idea that emerged in Europe at a particular
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