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March 11, 2013- Seperating Powers.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Separating Powers  Separates the individuals o The president cannot be a member of Congress in the US o VP is president of the Senate o Members of Congress who join the executive must resign their seats o Members of the Supreme Court cannot be members of the executive or legislature  Separates the responsibilities: president proposes, Congress disposes o Only Congress can tax and approve spending o Only President can spend money approved by Congress Checks and Balances (not in Westminster System)  Keeping the branches equal  US Constitution has a tendency to struggle  Equalize power of all three branches, distribute power equal  Different terms o President: 4 years, once renewable nd  22 amendment o Senate: 6 years, renewable o Representatives: 2 years, renewable o Supreme Court: appointed for life  Ensures that you never get a cohort that can be thrown out  British: can have whole scale change (in seats)  Diff
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