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March 14, 2013- Relocating Sovereignty.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Relocating Sovereignty (The purpose of this paper is This paper will argue that I will conclude that I will show that) USE IN INTRO  Hong Kong’s “functional constituencies” o Who votes? o Electors who are members of the functional constituency vot for candidates for that sear  Bodies (vote via an Authorized Representative)  Individuals o Constituencies have a range of election  Insurance  Wholesale and retail  Education Distortions in Representation  Exclusionary laws and practices  Limiting the franchise by: o Excluding non-citizens  Widely accepted practice  Defining citizens “out”: the case of the “bantustans” in apartheid in South Africa Apartheid Practices  Bantustan: pejorative term from bantu, people, and –stan, homeland)  All blacks assigned citizenship to one of nine homelands  On the poorest land, not contiguous (not next to each other)  Homelands were not able to support the amount of the citizens of these homelands  Homelands given independence by South Africa o Based on language groups  Number of other “self-governing” homelands that were in the process of receiv
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