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March 28, 2013- Governance without Goverment.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Politics among Sovereigns: Governance without Government What kind of politics?  Identifying what we want to understand o International relations (discipline itself) o International politics o World politics  Is there a difference?  International Relations o IR: inter + nation relations= relations between nations? o Problematizing “IR”  The focus is on nations  Nations is a very recent invention in political terms  The focus on relations  International politics o Better: focus on politics o Focus is still on nations  World politics o Focus on politics o Focus on the world  Politics at a world level o Thinking about the world  Variable understandings of what “the world” means  What does “the world” mean today?  Conceptualizing the world  The world= the entire globe/all of mankind o A relatively recent way of seeing the world  Historically, partial notions were the commoner way of conceptualizing the world o Civilized/barbarian  Always refers to the civilized self and the barbarian Other  500 BCE Greek poleis/Persians  17 century imperial China/uncivilized lands: hua and yi th  19 century European imperialism and the “lesser races”  20 century Nazi Rassenpolitik: distrinctions based on race  Herrenvolk (master race): Deutschblutig (Germ
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