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Political Studies
POLS 211

POLS 211 THE POLITICAL EXECUTIVE: Prime Minister and Cabinet Oct 9, 2013 How does the PM limit the powers of the House? 1. PM can declare all gov’t bills to be matters of confidence, forcing gov’t MPs to vote w/ their party 2. PM can decide to have all gov’t bills go to committee after ‘second reading’ 3. PM can control the scheduling of HoC business, including opposition days 4. PM can select the chairs of all committees chaired by a gov’t MP 5. PM can undermine the committee system by constantly changing committee membership 6. PM can undermine the committee system by limiting the budgetary resources of committees 7. PM, as party leader, can use his discretionary power to approve all party candidates to keep incumbents compliant and ‘parachute in’ preferred candidates Comparisons: selecting party leaders Reasons Prime Ministers left office, 1939-2003 Died in Retired Lost Lost Ousted by Office Election confidence party
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