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POLS 211
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POLS 211Canadian Government 10012012 13500 PM Week 1 Topic 1 Introduction to the Canadian Political ProcessPower and PoliticsPolitics originates in conflict and compromisePowerability to influence what happensPoliticsthe activity by which rival claims are settled by public authorities p4 When society has conflict who should solve the problemPublic vs Private sectorAre all relationships political o Defining the PoliticalStephen Brooks If politics is viewed as being everywhere we lose the ability to see the boundary that separates the public and private realms p45Jill Vickers publicprivate boundaries are sexist and the state has supported the domination of one group by another with this language Defining PowerCoercionthreat of or use of forceInfluenceconvincing someone to your own point of viewAuthorityright to issue a command and to expect to be obeyed o Constitution The StateTerritory geographically definedInstitutions that wield publico Executive legislative parliament etcState has monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force in the enforcement of its order Max WeberGovernmentpart of the statewe respond to it as we perceive itLegitimacy of state hangs on consent of the governed Max Webers Typology of powerCoercionCharismaticTraditionalLegalRationalWho are the authorities in CanadaExecutivePrime Minister Governor GeneralBureaucracypublic serviceLegislatureHouse of CommonsJudiciaryCourt system How do conflicts become resolvedThe Political SystemDavid Eastons system analysis o InputsDemands SupportPOLITICAL SYSTEMDecisions and actionsOutputsAnalytical ApproachesPluralismPolitics as a competition between groupsone in interest wins over another because it is more organizedClass AnalysisDennis the Constitutional Peasant Monty Python o State benefits those who hold the wealthFeminismState is inherently hierarchical as well as PatriarchalPostModernismstate acknowledges some interests and ignores othersdecides what becomes legitimate Two additional approaches Elite accommodationearly 1970sRobert Presthuselites work with other elitesEmbedded Statemid 1980sAlan Cairnschoices of past governments lead to choices of present governmentsbinds future governments DemocracyFormal political Equality of AllResponsible Government 2 meanings o Responsible to the people get voted out o Cabinet responsible to the House of CommonsCan declare nonconfidence to governmentFull Civil Rights o Freedom of expression religion movement etcRule of Law o Dissenting points of viewmust be respected by Government o Laws must be applied equally to all citizens Democracy as a Processas an OutcomeFollowing democratic process is necessary but not sufficient
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