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Lecture 2

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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 Sept 16/2013 Week 2 Lecture 1  1930s-1940s o Relying on domestic market in Latin America  Known as ISI (Import Substitution Industrialization)  Brazil still using it in current times  Strategy used to industrialize  Clashed with export led development model  Organic Statism o Not normally taught about o The normal pattern of governance for human beings for the last 3000 years o The organizing principle of traditional societies o Essentially an ideology  Gives the head of state the duty to interfere in people’s lives (ie. to force people to be happy)  Ex. Plato- okay to force people to be just, virtuous, ect  Paternalistic o Political community comes first (people are members)  Aristotle: in our social interactions we become full human beings therefore society is more important than one particular individual. o Congruent with roman law  Community comes first  ex. Marius (roman general) o chopped off the head of his son for disobeying the orders of rome even though he won the battle.  Not supposed to rise above the state  Still the way it works in many societies o Picked up by the catholic church  Concept of the great chain of life  The idea that the whole universe is organized in a chain  Therefore it starts with god and ends with animals, everything has a place, entire life is preordained by your position in the chain and you should be content in that place. Thus, a bit rigid in some respects. o Attributed to 2 developments  1) Rise of the state  Gave Organic Statism a means to fulfill ambitions that it never had
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