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Lecture 2

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Political Studies
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POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

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Pols241 Sept.17/2013 Week 2 Lecture 2  Julius Ceasar o Wanted his own empire o BUT….he lived in a republic o He was from a rich patrician family and he understood that he needed support from the poor people to succeed in taking down the senate. o Thus….he gave them his own personal fortune and made them think that he was their friend. Therefore this equals the way to take down democracy, by creating a populist movement. o Then he was able to take down the senate  1848 o Nephew of Napoleon (Napoleon III)  Wanted to be the emperor  Pretended to be a friend of the poor  The poor thus supported him and thus he was able to get elected  Then he became the emperor o Bonopartism (provides a mean for those who are not as strong to rule by force, it is ultimately peaceful because it quiets down the conflicts in society)  Process by which the dominant class cannot control by force and thus it is forced to use the support of the poor instead.  Hypocritical and a lie because it is essentially an effort for the dominant class to maintain its rule.  Ex. Pinochet (Chile)  Means that there is a “strongman” who sets himself up as a paternalistic figure to rule the country. Not a politician, he is someone above political meddling.  Playing a protection racket o Gives protection in exchange for complete obedience.  Maneuvers political forces to gain total control  Promise to give something that democracy can’t (peace and quiet) because democracy is messy its all about bickering and it is confrontational. o Peace and quiet is delivered through using tripartite (feature of corporatism)  State provides peace  Labourers have work  And business pay taxes to the state o Tripartite ensures that the social divide between the different lim
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