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Lecture 3

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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 Week 3 lecture 1 Sept. 23/2013  globalization after WWII lead to an opening of borders  competition from abroad forced industries to close down or downsize which lead to a clash between the working class and business class. o In turn created unrest and provided a backdrop for the development of Bureaucratic Authoritarian regimes. o Ruling elites were to weak at first to take power, therefore they had to rely on bonapartism to gain power.  Brazil had a developed bourgeoisie and the aristocracy was able to convince them to support their crusade against communism. o However they were not able to make them give up ISI  Peru has a formidable peasantry; therefore the military decided that they needed to appease them.  Chile had a strong aristocracy and a small bourgeoisie o Thus, the elites don’t have to make concessions to the bourgeoisie  Pinochet decided to export more and open the country up to the world market  Election of Salvador Allende (1970)  Socialist, but he built a coalition of left wing parties( most notably Communists) o Provided the elites with the ability to point to a specific threat of communism (as they are now actually in power and in government)  Therefore they force and bully the bourgeoisie into rallying behind Pinochet.  How did the Pinochet regime sell its vision to the people?  Pinochet used bonapartism  Had to create narratives in order to be elected o 1) defensive project  The idea that there is a threat to government and country (communists are everywhere!)  Disunity (the reason why nothing gets done is because the politicians are always bickering thus we need to get rid of democracy) o 2) offensive project  What the government needs and will do about it  Analogy of the body  Pinochet regime will create unity which will lead to more exports, foreign investments and wealth for everyone.  Pinochet’s utopian offensive project sells you a future o Michel Focault: Utopia is the most
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