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Lecture 4

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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 Oct 1 week 4 lecture 2  Transitioning from dictatorship to democracy o First of all society Is made up of 3 parts (review from last class)  1) state  Not monolithic- different services, structures  Manage economy, keep law and order  2) civil society  Made up of millions of groups, clubs and individuals  Sometime groups ally together or oppose each other  It is fluid  In dictatorship they can increase the cost of oppression o But there is a point where the costs of maintain the regime outweighs the benefits ( can’t kill everyone) o However, civil society cannot go beyond this  Cannot provide alternatives to regime  Thus they need to be organized in political society before it can do this.  3) Political society (subset of Civil society) o Fragmented (different political associations that deal with politics – small parts of certain civil society groups are concerned with politics= foster relationships with the state) o Can interact with civil society and vice versa. o Cannot do everything that civil society can do o However, ONLY POLITICAL SOCIETY CAN PROVIDE ALTERNATIVES TO THE REGIME, but they cannot put pressure on government.  Therefore, there needs to be a alliance between civil and political society in order to get rid of dictatorship o Political society’s most important tasks is to make links with civil society in order to have an organized effort to take down dictatorship.  This is what dictatorships are trying to prevent from happening by using.  1) Anti-politics (dangerous) o You tell people in civil society that they can’t trust politicians (they are careerist, corrupt, always bickering) o You don’t need go betweens (politicians) messing everything up because the regime already is listening to your voice. o
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