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Lecture 6

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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 Oct.15 Week 6 lec 1 (actually 2 but…thanksgiving)  Thursday 24 October there is no class or office hours  Roles of the opposition continued o 3) to challenge the regimes monopoly of truth, they need to discredit them  Want the people to feel that the regime is failing  Want an opposition that makes people feel that they are not alone  How? ( can’t use violence because that plays right into the regimes rhetoric that there are terrorists)  1) large protests All 3 of these o Important because people hear and see them) undermine o 2) general strikes the authority o 3) Any form of expression that shows how the regime can’t keep the streets clean. (challenges the regimes false image of a of the regime perfect society)  When you have things happening people start to see that the regime isn’t succeeding in brining happiness and modernity.  The opposition wants the regime to show its ugly side (wants them to bring out the army, secret police etc.) as well as show that its only concern is for its own survival.  How? o By having protests that create martyrs/victims-among the people (most successful protests because people identify with them and also they reveal the true natures of the regimes) o 4) raise the costs of repression  Important because otherwise the regime will think that repression is easy.  How?  Force them to create the secret police and make them have large military to try to control people. o Therefore they need to create islands of freedom which leads o this because they are letting the regime believe that they have enemies that they don’t really have. (ex. Newspaper speaking out agiasnt the regime that nobody actually reads finds its way to regime officials etc.)  This is playing into the paranoia of the regime  Have international support o Ex. South Africa  Had embargos put on them which led to costs for other countries if they associated with them. Thus Apartheid had to give up. o 5) Offer a credible alternative  Have to have people who can represent the ideal of democracy, especi
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