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Lecture 6

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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 Oct.17 2013 Week 6 lecture 2  There are 2 cases where pacted transitions are not a possibility o 1) totalitarian regimes  No moderated in the opposition, therefore cannot have pacted transition. o 2) sultanist regimes  Led by one person/family- they consider the whole state and the people in it there private property.  Do not allow moderates to exist  Ex. North Korea o In these two cases only a coup form inside the country or foreign conquest can bring them down.  Need moderates to have pacted transition  Opposition must transform themselves into moderates and embrace procedural democracy (not substantive ) as well as promote democracy as non-violence.  Democracy is nothing more than a mechanism through which people can compete without violence o Has to promise competition which needs to be protected=non violence (THIS IS IMPORTANT!!) o First successful system that allows competition  Roles of opposition in consolidated democracies o Important even on consolidated regime like Canada  Ex. NDP resist integration into liberals o Needs to recruit and mobilize people so they can oppose the government o Needs to be able to dispute the regime  Ex. Role of liberals is to dispute the regime so they lose credibility by the next election. o Ex. Calls certain members of the government of Canada corrupt, and thereby make it difficult for the government to coast. o Consolidated democracies mimic the moments of transition because the opposition is always trying to topple the regime, but they do it in a non-violent way (elections)  But there are roles that are not functional in a consolidated democracy o 1) define themselves as truth and the regime as a lie  Fits bureaucratic Authoritarian regimes because in BA regimes the opposition would borrow the false image of the regime to fight them.  However in democracies there is no truth only opinions o Thus if the opposition thinks they have the truth then they must win and kill anyone who disagrees with them. This is problematic for democracy because in a democratic regime you need to give up the notion of tr
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