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POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 Oct. 22 week 7 Lecture 2  Nationalism is bad when its taken by political movements who claim to represent an entire nation. o Eg. HZDS in Slovakia  Led by Vladimir Merciar  Used hyper nationalism to create a political movement and to deny a voice to their opponents. o Allowed them to discredit the opposition by labeling them as enemies of the nation/people. (form of anti-politics)  Works best when there is a minority  Example. Hungarian minority in Slovakia  Therefore, nationalism can be used to prevent the emergence of liberal democracy. o This was why Slovakia was labeled a pseudo democracy in the 1990s. o Its not sufficient to have just elections, the opposition needs to be protected.  There are times when Nationalism is good for Democracy o So long as the opposition is protected nationalism can help to create non violent and respected opposition. o So long as national identity is not tied to the state, it can serve as the basis of the opposition to play an important role in democracy. o Ways to ensure that nationalism is useful  Problem in liberal democracies is that the majorities always win elections= tyranny of the majority  1) Promotes the voice of minorities through constitutionalism, includes a number of methods that can promote the voice of minorities.  1) consociational arrangements o Minorities are given special representation at the executive level.  Ex. Switzerland  Seven people represent the different regional minorities. o Features: everyone has a veto power. Therefore everyone has to agree/ talk until they all agree.  Different than winner take all kind of government.  Winner take all= minorities are systematically excluded.  2) Special representation in the cabinet  Eg. Ministry in Ireland o Makes sure that the concerns of the minorities are heard in cabinet. o The type of political system is also important  Presidential system  Power is concentrated  Parliamentary
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