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Lecture 3

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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 week 8 Lecture 3 Oct 31  CB. MacPherson o “the holy grail” of comparative politics is the search for a new democracy  CB searched for clues in under developed countries for a new liberal democracy  Because it’s a world where community comes first and where Rousseaus communitarian democracy will be possible. Also not tainted by liberal individualism  This communitarian democracy is hoped to develop once the countries shed the imprints of colonialism.  1960s o Former colonies adopt a one-party system  These parties in power label themselves as national movements  These one party states appear to have elements of organic statist ideology  1) nation should be one  2) harmony is important  3) obedience should be owed to one party  What we call pseudo democracies  Have election, but always the same winners  Have opposition but it doesn’t seem to matter  Hste populism, nationalism and anti-politics  1 diagnosis  Have embraced all things we have deemed problematic.  Why? o CB’s reasons  1) lack of sources of political opposition (economic)  No economic basis for antagonistic social classes= no strong political opposition  Therefore limited sources of effective opposition makes it easy or one-party states to emerge (hyper nationalism)  2) independence was made on the basis of nationalism (mass movements)  Creates mass parties that are nationalistic and distrustful toward minorities= ethnic conflict o Struggle for dominance between majorities and minorities  Therefore one party states that represents majority are validated by the fact that they are the party that made the country independent. o Its normal/ natural for them to always be in control= special rights (revolutionary parties feel entitled to use the state to protect the country they created.) o The state is thus an independent variable ( it’s a tool= what we see in Algeria)  3) modernization  Former colony becomes a country once it gets rid of its masters. However, the economic systems don’t change are still dependant on the colonizers.  Reject political domination only to be left with economic domination. o Struggle for independence mirrored by struggle or economic independence.  Therefore nothing has changed, still have colonial economy.  Feel that the war of independence was first step, next there needs to be a war of economic independence. o Thus need new mass movements to
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