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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 week 10 lec 1 Nov.11  Last time o Case of France  People have difficulty with the behaviors required for democracy  It took that long to consolidate because the different religious groups needed to organize/mobilize themselves. And to realize that they could not eliminate the others= democracy becoming the best option.  Therefore, it wasn’t the fault of the people  Stepan: democracy is a live and let live kind of system o Using violence would result in transaction costs.  Side 1: monarchist forces  Side 2: Anti-Catholic fraction  Clashed between 1841-1870 o Ultimately realized that they could not eliminate others= the creation of the 3d republic in 1870.  Ways to measure the length of time to consolidate democracy  1) voting rights o Created universal suffrage for men which was consolidated only in 1970 *before this voting was meaningless because only the emperors vote counted) o Women’s right to vote only created after WWII (with creation of 4 republic) o Therefore, its only in 1944 where France is fully consolidated (women and men have right to vote=democracy consolidated)  Britain o 1) first fight for democracy after English civil war (1642-1646)  Opposes the king( parliament), attempts to stabilize the absolutist monarchy.  Parliamentarians were noblemen and were allied with the new commercial elite. o Created large army, made up of regular people (won against king)  After the army meets and say that they risked their lives, maybe we need the right to vote.  Therefore at the Puking debated (1647) it was argued that common folk should have the right to vote (fails because it is opposed by the aristocracy= argue that only landowners should have the right to vote.)
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