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Political Studies
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Dru Lauzon

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Pols241 week 10 lec 3 nov.14  May 2011 o Students in chile start protests  Paralyzed education system  Paralyzed cities (central area of Santiago=completely occupied)  Trade unions joined them  Has support of 75% of chiles population  These protests continue today and still making the same demands  Were protesting because they felt betrayed by the conservative government of Sebastian Pinera and the leftist government.  Felt disillusioned with the myth of Chilean society and the promises of the politicians. Like: o 1) Economic growth= modernization, social mobility and less poverty.  Accusing government of pretending that economic growth would solve social ills and social inequality.  Ex. Universities o Despite laws claiming otherwise they found ways to make profits off of students. o 2) protesting the culture of privilege benefiting the children of the elites.  This is where the disillusionment comes from o 3) argued that these calls for unity was only a pretext to impose conformity.  Argue that Chilean society right now is run by elites o Political society has betrayed them by ignoring the interests of the people and disregarding their voice.  University degrees not worth as much as before= doesn’t lead to better jobs. o In chile it is the family you come from that matters ( good universities are reserved for children of the elite.  Thus students feel like they have been cheated.  Interesting for us because students have been protesting for 2 and a half years. Tells us the difference between Canada and Chile. o Canada ( and north America)  People react to these conditions in privatist ways (individual response. Ie. Get trade degree after BA, individuals adapt and cope= change in behavior= cynicism and resignation.  Don’t see the point in protesting, instead opt for a second job.  Our response to social issues is not social conflict  We don’t expect our pms to be held to a certain social justice standard.  In Latin America o Response is collective (social life is lived in groups ie. If student you feel an affiliation to other
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