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Political Studies
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Dru Lauzon

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Pols241 week 11 lec.1 Nov.18  Juan peron (argentina), AlbertoFugimori (Peru), Hugo Chavez were elected democratically o Whats special is that they stayed in power for a long time o Used force and authority o Have an impressive rise to power and end up discredited, isolated….  How do we explain how different these leaders were from others? (don’t know if this is right) o 1) charisma  Plays important role in democratic life in Latin America  Have the persona of champions, capable of leading an entire society. (tendency to elect charismatic leaders not bureaucrats- tied to last class)  These leaders are expected to do something special on this earth  These strong leaders have restrictions o Have to fulfill expectations  1) promote harmony  2) balance needs of different groups  3) fulfill notion of divine intent of natural law (have to be good, competent, etc) o People realize they can’t fulfill these expectations thus it explains why leaders were initially elected then reviled. o Thus, very high requirements=  1) notion of divine right  leader has a destiny to fulfill ( a mission)  leader is supposed to guide society to this divine right.  Driving society to a common goal ( the moment the role of a leader is defined by a mission= obligation to obey)  These leaders are not elected to fulfill menial tasks but to take the nation to a better place.= This kind of thinking them seeing themselves as having the right to justifies the leader go beyond the law to achieve the great goals for going beyond the which they were elected ( ie. Use of force, law authority, corruption, and rewriting the constitution( Chavez)) o Thus, for all dictators their followers realized that they committed acts not for the good of the nation= revolution, discrediting them, rebellion and loss of faith.  The leader is supposed to elicit the people by promising them things= leader being elected= obedience by of people. The key is whether the leader has convinced the people that they are fulfilling those needs.( kings oath= where the charisma comes from- politics of rebellion and obedience)  Charisma comes from the belief of the people that these leaders can achieve great things.  Also explains why dictators in 1980s left post so easily o Because they feel that they have the right to rule only if they feel that they have charisma/the support of the people (organic statist value)  in many ways this is highly democratic because they have a set of values that makes them extremely sensitive to how people feel about them.
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