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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 week 11 lec.3 nov.21  Africa o Wiarda  Harps on question of culture (shortcomings of African culture and how it impacts democracy)  Prof disagree with it (has diff argument) o Negative aspects  Structural problems (but every region has had to face some)  But in Africa they seem to be insoluble (unsolvable)  But it is actually quite the opposite  A caveat o There are 51 countries in Africa= different cultures, different experiences (approach issues with variations) o GDP has increased in last 13-14 years (unprecedented)  Growth rate= higher than growth of population  Growth accounted for by new production and exploitation of natural gas and oils= 3 and a half trillion dollar GDP  However, there is now a population of 40 million people o Biggest development in Africa is urbanization (rats are higher than in other regions in the world) o Populations are moving increasingly into the cities and thus becoming more involved in political and social life.  Thus, issues of governance/state become more prominent in their lives. o See development of new middle class  Eg. Felt the most in South Africa  Today the middle class represents 21% of population o Earn 45% of all income in the country o South Africa is getting richer  The rich (top 3% has a rising percentage of income which is rising quickly)  Middle Class share is declining, but slowly  The poor’s share is however, rapidly declining.  Thus, African society is changing fundamentally, not the same as in 1964 where everyone shared the same standard of living. o Very little industrialization  Most economies are managed according to an export-led development model. (produce natural resources for China and agricultural products for Europe_  Used to account for 6% of world trade, now it accounts for 3  Thus, its not that they are getting left behind, it means that they are not getting a fair price for their exports o =part of the problem o How do we explain this?  Structure of world economy  Can be poor for no fault of your own  19502-60s IMF and World Bank o Said that Africa should only sell things that would sell well in certain regions ( ie. Coffee peanuts, bananas etc) o Gave money to south Africa so they could grow more of these specific products for certain countries. o However for most of these commodities the prices dropped because more and more countries were producing the same products. Thus cre
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