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Pols 250 Fall term notes: secret slides part 2.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 250
Colin Farrelly

Pols 250 Fall term notes: Secret slides part 2 (Hobbes)  Secret slide 1 o Two parts to exam:  Part 1: MC, short fill in the blank, identify author of passage.  Part 2: Essay Question on Nussbaums book “not for profit”  Secret slide 2 o Quick review ( two kinds of contract theory)  1) interest based contract theory (Hobbes)  Invokes rational self-interest which justifies government  Does not concern itself with what is moral.  Secular justification that can be for everyone if persuasive  Methodological approach  No constraints  2) Rights based contract theory (Locke, Rousseau, Kant)  Built in assumptions about moral premises  Weakness: needs to justify moral premises  Secret slide 3 o Critics of social contract  Hegel (Conservative tone)  State is not a contractual relation  State shapes your identity- makes you free  Hume  “reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions.”  Bentham  Talk of rational rights is “nonsense on stilts.”  Rejects moral premises  Marx  Rights are the rights of egotistic men  Secret slide 4 o Aristotle and Hobbes  Aristotle  Eudaimonia: happiness o Involves development of virtues, especially our intellectual faculties.  Hobbes  Felicity: Drive to satisfy our desires, we seek power. Endless and
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