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Pols 250 Winter term notes part 1 Politics and Boxing, Burke vs. Rousseau and Kant.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 250
Colin Farrelly

Pols 250 Winter term notes: Secret Slides Part 1 (Politics and Boxing, Burke Vs Rousseau and Kant)  Secret Slide 1 o Politics and boxing: How they relate  1) power  2) In boxing one faces constantly changing and often an unpredictable range of challenges. There is a variety of challenges that go behind the successes of this kind of athlete, its not just about going in all guns ablazing.  3) Like boxing, politics is often erroneously perceived to be about individual wins/losses (ie. The individual who won the fight) but it is in fact a team effort, not just one person.  In Politics we tend to focus on PMs etc. in the forefront but there are so many actors behind this on individual that involve a huge process that must be considered. o Important dissimilarities between Boxing and politics  Aim of boxing is inherently adversarial (goal is to inflict damage to opponents)  Important to consider=zero sum game. If one person wins another loses (boxing)  Politics is not a zero sum game entirely  Secret slide 2 o History is important  It has influenced what we see today and might see tomorrow Burke vs Rousseau  Secret slide 3 o Rousseau: Political Theory- Forward looking component  Prescribes How we can transform the status quo to something more fair and equitable.  The general will can transform this for us Immauel Kant  Secret slide 4 o The maxims of public sense  1) “think for yourself”-Motto of the enlightenment  Don’t be led by others  Don’t give in to the social pressure o conform  2) To think from the
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