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Political Studies
POLS 264

POLS264 Notes The Nature of World PoliticsIdentifying what we want to understandIntl RelationsIntl Politics World PoliticsIs there a difference Intl RelationsIR inter nation relationsrelations between nationsEg Canada and IraqProblematizingIR as a disciplineThe Focus on nations The Focus on relations Intl PoliticsTo go beyond the focus of the way nations communicateBetter focus on politicsDifficulty But still focuses on nations World PoliticsFocus on the world and retains focus on politics Politics at a world levelThinking about the worldVariable understanding of what the world meansWhat does the world mean today All Earth7 Billion peoplePolitics converges the 7 billion peopleThe world the entire globe all mankindA relatively recent way of seeing the world Historical Conception of The WorldThe World doesnt mean the globeentire worldall mankindCivilizedBarbarian500 BCE poleisPersian Civilized self and Uncivilized other th 17 Century Chinauncivilized lands Hua and the Yi th 19 Century European Imperialism and the lesser races th 20 Century Nazi Rassenpolitik distinction based on race Deutscheblutig grades of Mischiling slavs as Untermenschen Contemporary clash of civilizationsFaithfulUnbelievers Christendomheathen Pagans Islam DaralIslam DaralHarb and other houses or abodesConception bound by geographic knowledgeKnown world terra incognitaOr supposedly known Cave Hic DragonesInhabited worldterra nullius eg AustraliaGiven the historical conceptions can we talk about politics at a world levelInstead poltics a notaworld level or lessthan aworld level PoliticsThe nature of politics generallyThe nature of politics between groups Politics between groupsWorld United Nations TRADE movement of goods and servicesTerrorism 911 war individual who put himherself in harms wayDomination and subordination Viennese laughing at Jews cleansingEnslavement ultimate form of domination In Classical Perspective If you want to understand the politics of the world one has to focus onThe anarchical nature of politics between countriesNot chaos or disorder or a Hobbesian state of natureAnArchy withoutgovernmentHobbes on relations between sovereigns and why that anarchical condition does not produce the same kind of misery as the anarchy in the hypothetical state of natureYet in all times kings and persons of sovereign authority because of their independency are in continual jealousies and in the state and posture of gladiators having their weapons pointing and their eyes fixed on one another that is their forts garrisons and guns upon the frontiers of their kingdoms and continual spies upon their neighbours which is a posture of war But because they uphold thereby the industry of their subjects there does not follow from it that misery which accompanies the liberty of particular menConsequences of AnarchyUN not the government of the entire world an association full of sovereign nationsNo sovereign and thereforeNo law and thereforeNo justiceRather
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