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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 396
Dru Lauzon

Pols 396 Sept 112013Week 1 lecture 2 Topic Realist perspectives on Peace and SecurityGoals for today o How has realism evolved as a theory o Main tenets o How do realists understand cooperation5 variants of realism o 1 Classical Realism post WWII main author is Hans Morgenthau o 2 Structural or Neorealism 1980s main author is Keneth Waltz o 3 Offensive and defensive realismMain authors are Mearshimer and stephen Walt o 4 Neoclassical realismresponse to constructivist theoryRealism o Starts to develop after WWI 19191938o Argues that it is a lensa way to see the world that tells you what is important and what is notWe use theories to simplify eventso Starts with looking at the state o Main theory in IReverything that comes after is a response to realism o Core principles1 state as central actor not the only one realists acknowledge the existence of others but the state is the one that mattershas primacy2 anarchy no chaos it is the idea that there is no one above the state capable of preventing violenceSo if the state wants to go to war there is no one who can prevent the state from doing so3 Power determines outcomesThe strongest state will survive4 Emphasis on survivalStates have to maximize their power through force of treaties 5 Division between high and low politics6 Focus on relative vs absolute gainsDistinguishes realism from other theoriesThe idea that in a world of competition you have to be better than your neighbors therefore cooperation is difficult7 realism as a theory is about securing stabilityIndifferent to the regimes of statesStates are therefore amoral they sometimes do bad things to secure stability and security o Realism in three words1Statism centrality of the state
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