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POLS 396
Dru Lauzon

Pols 396 week 2 Reading Notes Part 1 (Grieco article)  According to realists international anarchy creates competition and conflict between states which makes them less willing to cooperate even when they have common interests. o As such realists argue that international institutions aren’t able to lessen anarchy’s constraining effects on cooperation between states.  Liberal institutionalism o Main challenger to realism o Appeared in different forms 3 times in history  1) Functionalist integration theory in 1940s and 1950s  2) neofunctionalist regional integration theory in 1950s and 1960s  3) interdependence theory in 1970s  All three argued that international institutions can help states cooperate. o Accepts some realist ideas such as the fact that anarchy inhibits international cooperation. o Main liberal arguments that realism paces too much emphasis on conflict and underestimates the abilities of international institutions to promote cooperation remain intact. o Rejects the realist notion of the primacy of the state  Functionalist argue that the key new actor in international politics are specialized international agencies and their technical experts( eg. Labour unions, political parties, trade association) o Attacked the realist view that that states are unitary and rational actors.  Functionalists argued that authority was already decentralized within modern states and that internationally a similar process was happening. o Argued that states were becoming less concerned about power and security  This is because increased economic ties have made countries more interdependent for success full employment and price stability.  Also because of the fact that the emergence of industrialization has created advanced democracies that are becoming welfare states that are less oriented towards power and prestige ad more focused on economic growth and social security. o Rejected the idea that states are fundamentally disinclined to cooperate o Rejected realisms pessimism about international institutions.  Functionalists argue specialized agencies like the International Labour Organization promotes cooperation because they perform valuable tasks without challenging state sovereignty.  The paper is arguing that the neoliberal institutionalism understanding of realisms ideas about international anarchy is wrong and therefore misunderstands the realist analysi
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