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Lecture 3

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Political Studies
POLS 396
Dru Lauzon

Pols396 Week 3 readings part 1 (Beijing learns to be a superpower by Willy Lam)  President Hu Jintao ( heads the CCP’s leading group on Foreign Affairs) is pushing “quasisuperpower diplomacy” to consolidate China’s pre-eminence in the new world order.  There have been major revisions done by Mr. Hu to the foreign and security policies of his predecessors. o Such as those policies created in the late 1980s and mid 1990s by Deng Xioaping, which was a foreign policy that emphasized a “take a low profile and never take the lead” approach and regarding the US an “avoid confrontation and seek opportunities for expansion approach. o Mid 1990s onwards: President Jiang Zemin pioneered a “great power diplomacy under the global climate of one superpower, several great power”  Essentially meant that China should work together with the other great powers to transform a unipolar world order to a multipolar world order.  Beijing is no longer shying away from frontal contests with the US, china’s strategic competitor.  For the Hu-led Politburo quasisuperpower diplomacy means that China wi
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