PSYC 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Conscientiousness, Factor Analysis, Rorschach Test

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4 Feb 2016
Lesson 17: Personality
Winter 2016
Measuring Personality
Personality: a particular consistent pattern of behaviour and thinking that prevails
across time and situations and differentiates one person from another. The study of
personality focuses on describing stable differences among individuals. Personality is
affected by the interaction between genetics and environments.
Personality Perspectives:
1. Trait
2. Psychodynamic
3. Humanistic
4. Social-Cognitive
Personality Assessments:
Objective Tests: the Minnesota Multiphasic Inventory (MMPI-2) is an objective
personality test that asks people to answer true or false questions about
themselves. The NEO Personality Inventory (neuroticism, extroversion,
openness) measures personality factors using a five point scale.
Projective Tests: the Rorschach test is the best known projective test. A series
of inkblots are presented and the person describes what they see. It is
projective because the person may project their personality onto the inkblot.
Reliable scoring remains controversial for this test.
Factor Analysis: statistical analysis that examines all of the correlations between all
of the items and determines if any of them are highly correlated with each other.
16 Factors: Cattell’s personality questionnaire that consists of multiple-choice
personality questions to measure 16 normal adult personality dimensions. Critics find
this too complex and contains many irrelevant personality traits.
Five Factor Model: five personality dimensions derived from analyses of the natural
language terms people use to describe themselves and others.
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