PSYC 400 Lecture 7: PBL

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29 Dec 2020
Instructional Workshop: Case- and Problem-Based Learning (CBL/PBL)
Student-centered approaches that involve discussion of open-ended, practical cases that require
further inquiry in small groups (6-9 students)
Goal to develop deep knowledge and applicable skills instructor role to facilitate, not teach
o Less guidance than TBL expected to do more own research and more work done
outside of class… Coming back to class mostly for more support from instructor
o Doesn’t share strategies like TBL for group cohesion but authentic cases are strong
motivators, especially with rich cases that can be developed for any discipline
CBL: facilitators present; cases shorter; scenario-based; case given before class
o Constructivist knowledge construction; embed learning in realistic and relevant
contexts; encourage self-awareness; embed learning in social experience
PBL: facilitators provide no direction; sessions longer; open problem unknown until class
o Constructivist prior knowledge; increasing retention through real-life application;
environment and alternative viewpoint interaction; cognitive conflict; active learning
o Analytical and critical thinking skills; real-life applications
o Empathy building and student engagement
o Increases self-study, interest, problem-solving, analyzing
o Lack of guidance harder for novices
o Extensive prep-work
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