PSYC 400 Lecture 8: CSL

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29 Dec 2020
Instructional Workshop: Community Service Learning (CSL)
Organized service experiences that meet community needs, integrated into curriculum
o Classroom learning and volunteer work (service aligns with course content)
Evaluation based on placement supervisors’ evaluations and reflection projects
o Critical reflections before, during, after service work
Service equally benefits student and community (ABC’s: agency, belonging, competence)
o Not a helping “saviour” role but a learning role to be approached with humility and open
eyes, absence of judgement
o Falls into learning objectives that have to do with habits of mind, that tend to get brushed
under the rug under mastery of skills and knowledge
Constructivism and experiential education knowledge constructed in real settings, can use
scaffolding to support students
o Students increase skills, understanding, critical thinking; application of theory to real
world; increases social awareness and responsibility
o Professors create partnerships with community groups; student engagement/learning
o Community partners
o Difficulty assessing performance small sample size, lack of longitudinal data
o Pedagogy of whiteness racial inequalities, “saviour” complex, white privilege
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