PSYC 400 Lecture 11: Open Classroom

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29 Dec 2020
Week 11: The Open Classroom
Class Notes
Strengths of open classrooms:
o Increased accessibility, self-paced, affordability
o Analytic feedback on platform efficacy for instructors and designers
o Diverse instructional resources i.e. courses, teachers
Weaknesses of open classrooms:
o Not as “free” as they appear i.e. accreditation, transfers, internet
o Decreased engagement relative to in-person classes
o Less assessment of higher-order thinking
Opportunities from open classrooms:
o Implementation in remote areas and/or countries
o Diversity in backgrounds and perspectives in learning environment
Threats from open classrooms:
o Less social behaviour skills i.e. conflict resolution, teamwork
o Judgements of learning when navigating courses
o Widening gaps i.e. accessibility, job security
Exam Review Notes
Cons of MOOCs high attrition since people haven’t had to make significant commitments or
investments; teamwork and creating stable groups more difficult
People can self-organize into learning units if material at their level and they’re motivated (c-
MOOCs, Mitra) but still need some guidance
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