PSYC 400 Lecture 7: Learning Styles

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29 Dec 2020
Week 7: Learning Styles
People persist in their learning myths and are overconfident fixed mindset problematic, less
likely to try to practice other methods
Need to focus on active engagement in learning instead
Exam Review Notes
Understanding human cognitive architecture in schematic way for neurotypical individuals,
visualizer-verbalizer hypothesis doesn’t make sense
o All take information through these pathways might have individual differences in how
we process certain information, but all benefit from having material presented both ways
Instead of learning styles, should look at individual levels of expertise cognitive ability instead
of judgements of learning
Gold standard for testing whether learning styles are effective
o Interaction that if hypothesis were true, when visualizers provided with visual
information, should perform better than when provided with verbal, and vice versa
Lots of tests on this, very few have found significant effect
Instead of teaching to preferred styles, should teach in evidence-based pedagogical strategies to
effectively communicate material for students and within discipline
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