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PSYC 100
Erica Refling

Major Theories of Developmental Psychology - Piles of Theories o Help us organize, predict, make sense of the world o Frame how people look at the world, interpret situations, and make decision - Vague theories can’t be proven wrong - Psychological Trajectory o Erikson: stages involve conflict resolution o Bronfenbrenner: ecological systems model o Piaget: schema, four stages, little scientists o Bandura: reciprocal determinism, bobo doll o Vygotsky: socio-cultural, zone of proximal development, social scaffolding o Core knowledge: sophisticated cognition tools o Theory Theory: hypothesis testing - Hypotheses cant be proven right - Why have theories/frameworks? o Human development is complex, varied, fascinating, exciting and wonderful o What is normal? o When to intervene? - Piaget’s Legacy o When Piaget was wrong about many things, he was right about others o Huge impact on field o He examined the mistakes that children made o “Little Scientists”  Sound experiment  Squelching  Different perspectives
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