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Lecture 15

PSYC 100 Lecture 15: Psyc Notes Week 15: Developmental Psychology II

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Queen's University
PSYC 100
Jill L Atkinson

Week 15: Developmental Psychology II • Nature and development of our sense of self o Need to recognize yourself as an individual in order to recognize distinct 'others' o Rouge test: red dot on the child's nose and place them in from of a mirror to see if there is recognition o At age two they can refer to themselves verbally o 3-4 years can describe personal characteristics verbally o 8+ years, use knowledge of themselves to evaluate and modify their behaviour. Can make social comparisons o Adolescence: become concerned with how they are perceived by others • Influences on the self-concept o Cognitive o Social o Cultural: individualistic culture vs collectivist cultures • Theory of Mind: the ability to reason about what other people might know or believe and how those beliefs and knowledge will relate to their actions o False-belief problems: container tests, displacement test o Intersubjectivity: ability to share a focus of attention with others o Infant habituation: a given stimulus is presented repeatedly; the child learns not to respond to an unimportant event that occurs repeatedly. • Piaget: active interaction with environment for development. Humans' intellectual or reasoning abilities develop through a series of four stages: o Sensorimotor Stage: 0-2 years of age. Children build an understanding of their environment primarily through their sensory and motor abilities. Many reflexes are replaced by voluntary movement o Preoperational Stage: 2-6 years of age. Substantial cognitive development, primarily in symbolic representation and the beginning of logical reasoning. Children in t
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