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Lecture 1

PSYC 100 Lecture 1: Psyc week 5

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PSYC 100
Jill L Atkinson

Psyc week 5 Neuron system • Central nervous system (CNS): composed of two kinds of cells---neurons and glia - Brain - Spinal cord: communicates with all the sensory organs • Peripheral nervous system: includes spinal nerves and cranial nerves Transmit Sensory info toward CNS Motor info from CNS towards muscles … - Skeletal nervous system - Sensory or afferent - Motor or efferent • Automatic nervous system: component of PNS that receives info from the heart and other organs - Sympathetic - Parasympathetic Homeostasis: the tendency of an organism to regulate internal conditions by a system of feedback control, so as to optimize health and functioning Glia: supporting cells, serve supportive and protective of neurons • Neuron: (takes info in from dendrites and cell body; send info out through axon terminal) - Cell body: contains structures that maintain cell health and metabolism - Nucleus: contains genes - Dendrites: projection of the cell body - Axon: transmit info one neuron to the next [nerve fibre that carries messages away from the cell body toward the axon terminal] - Myelin sheath: insulate to make impulse travel along the axon faster - Axon terminal / synapse terminal: send info across the synapse - Synapse: the gap Between two neurons • Sensory/motor neuron - Sensory neurons (afferent) [dorsal root]: from receptor to brain - Motor neurons (efferent) [ventral root]: from brain to effector - Interneurons (within the spinal cord): link sensory and motor together • Nerve: a bundle of fibres (axons) • CNS: brain and spinal cord • Automatic nervous system: component of PNS that receives info and sends commands to the heart and other organs - Sympathetic: fight-or-flight response - Parasympathetic: rest and digest response • Gila: cells I the CNS that serve supportive and protective functions for neurons • Tract: nerves that entirely within the brain and spinal cord • Spinal reflex arc Receptor---sensory neuron---integration center---motor neuron---effector • Graded potentials Small potentials generated at the postsynaptic membrane by the action of neurotransmitter that make the postsynaptic neuron eith
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