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Lecture 1

PSYC 100 Lecture 1: Psyc 100 week 11

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Queen's University
PSYC 100
Jill L Atkinson

Psyc 100 week 11 • Method of Loci: method of memory enhancement that uses visual information to organize and recall info. Items are remembered based on association with specific locations and a mental “walk” is established, moving from one memory/location to the next. • Encoding (the process by which perceptions, thoughts, and feeling are transformed into memory), storage (the process of maintaining info in memory over time), retrieval (the process by which info that was previously encoded and stored is brought to mind) • Bartlett - Construction: (creation of a new story from an original story) - Elaboration: the degree to which info is specified, described, and or related to other info in memory - Schema: mental framework or body of knowledge that organize and synthesizes info about a person, place, etc • Levels of processing effect: the strength of the memory trace and depends on how extensively the info is processed at encoding • Elaborative encoding: actively relating new knowledge already stored in memory • Chunking: groups items in memory, such that individual items are grouped into larger assemblies • Mnemonics: special techniques or strategies consciously employed in an attempt to improve memory. • Memories are linked with emotion, olfaction, • Sensory memory: representation of the physical features of a stimulus are stored for very brief periods • Auditory (echoic) memory: memory of sound • Visual (iconic): memory of image - Visual short-term memory: memory of visual info obtained from nonverbal (info communicated without words and that cannot easily be put into words) sources • Short-term memory and working memory: - Short-term storage: holds info long enough to accomplish the intended purpose for the info - Long-term storage: storage of info on a permanent - Working memory: memory of new info and info retrieved from long-term memory - Maintenance rehearsal: rote repetition of info, repeating a given item over and over again - Phonological short-term memory: short-term memory for verbal info - Span: the longest string
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