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Lecture 8

PSYC 100 Lecture 8: Week 8 PSYC

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PSYC 100
Jill L Atkinson

Week 8 PSYC • Sensation: sensory system gathers info about the environment • Perception: process involved in the organization and interpretation of sensations • Transduction: conversion of physical energy into electrical potentials --- happens in sensory receptor cells • Five senses - Vision - Hearing - Somatosenses: the bodily senses - Proprioception: the sense of the relative position of limbs and other parts of the body, due to receptors in muscles and joints - Vestibular senses: balance • Receptor cells: specialized neuron that convert physical energy into electrical signals • Sensory domain has adequate stimulus: type of physical energy which receptor is especially tuned • Human can sense: - Radio waves • Human cannot sense - Very low frequency vibrations (infra-sound) - Ultraviolet light - Infra-red light - Magnetic fields • Sensory adaptation: a change usually a decrease in sensitivity that occurs when a sensory system is repeatedly stimulated in exactly the same way • Fatigue: neurons that are subjected to steady, continuous stimulation become unable to send signals, may cuz of a temporary depletion in the neurotransmitters that send signals across synapse • Neural codes - Pattern code: info conveyed in the activity across a whole population a lot of cells - Temporal code: uses rate at which the neurons are firing to determine the perception Pitch Loudness Brightness - Place or labeled-line code: depends on the location of the neurons firing to determine perception • How adaptation works - Spontaneous rate: rate of neuronal firing when no stimulus is present - Rate of firing: codes the intensity of a stimulus • Multisensory: relating to or involving more than one physiological sense • Cranial nerves: - Olfactory - Optic - Oculomotor - Trochlear - Trigeminal - Abducens - Facial - Vestibulocochlear
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